It all started with pie. Three brothers. One van. And an unshakable faith in the belief that... well, that people like pie.

That's the long and short of how the Macari family got into the commercial baking business back in 1975. We'd buy pies from a commercial baker and distribute them to grocery stores, delis and restaurants. It was Ray, Pat, Jerry and a van full of pies.

Then it occurred to us that as Italian-American boys we had a secret weapon: an Italian-American mom. And like every Italian-American mom, ours had a box full of recipes for all kinds of baked treats that were way better than anything we could buy from the pie company. So we decided that instead of selling other people's pies, we should be selling our own pies, cakes, cookies, muffins, pastries.... We went into business as retail and commercial bakers, using Mom's recipes and Mom's name — as Diana's Bakery. Best of all, we brought Diana herself into the business, just to make sure we were getting it right.

There's no big secret behind the success we've achieved and the steady growth we've experienced for more than three decades. We provide superior products that meet our customers needs and keep their customers coming back. Knowing we could do that was what got us baking to begin with. That's why you can enjoy our products at many of the most popular coffee shops, delis and markets in America.

Our approach with Mama's Boys brand is no different from what we've done all along. Mama's Boys gourmet products are baked using the highest quality ingredients using recipes carefully developed to meet Diana's high standards. We don't sell anything Mom wouldn't be proud to serve in her home. Mama's Boys products taste better because they're made better.

We've come a long way from our days carting other people's pies around, but we're still true to our real roots — the ones that grew from Diana's kitchen. We're Mama's Boys and you can taste it in every bite.